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Welcome to Vermillion SD, home of the USD Coyotes. Have you recently moved and are not sure who the utilities and cable providers are? If you are looking for CenturyLink, they now offer service in the area. Speeds vary up to 1 Gig, but plans do not appear to have a data cap. Click here for utilities like water and electricity

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CenturyLink Bundles In South Dakota
CenturyLink Phone and high speed Internet Service
Order Service - (605) 865-4036                  Retail Store                        NO​​
DirecTV HD Satellite TV in the Vermillion area.
Order Service - (605) 865-4036                 Retail Office                       YES​​​​
Vermillion Electric Department
Address: 115 W Duke St, Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: (605) 677-7073 WEBSITE
If you are moving to the Vermillion SD area, CenturyLink is the main provider of landline telephone, high speed internet, and long distance phone service. If you are looking for a video or TV solution, CenturyLink does not offer their own TV service but do bundle with DirecTV Satellite TV.  DirecTV does provide local channels to Vermillion Zip code 57069.

Is the internet and DTV bundle available? it all depends on whether or not a satellite can be mounted and face south. If you own your home, you do not need any further approvals. 

Network Local Affiliate DIRECTV SD Channel
DirecTV HD Channel 
Digital Off-Air Channel

ABC  KOTA   --  3  --  --
CBS  KCLO   --  15  --  --
CW  CW   16  --  --  --
FOX  FOX   --  7  --  --
MNT  MNT   22  --  --  --
NBC  KNBN   --  21  --  --
PBS  KBHE   --  9  -- 

The verdict. Does CenturyLink offer broadband service in Vermillion? Yes, but  it ranges from a slow 1.5 mbps to a blazing fast 1 gig. If you can get something in the 12-40 range, it is sufficient for most houses but you will need to confirm the availability. We do not have any stats on what speeds are available but the sales consultant can confirm that with you. 
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